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Glass Buildings


During the Neolithic period 

The exchange of valuable objects not only facilitated the subsistence of the first civilizations, but also represented a great progress for mankind, as the worldwide exchange of technologies such as metals, gunpowder, writing, etc. allowed human beings to build increasingly refined societies.


At EBS, we are aware of the importance of commercial activities and that is why we wanted to put our technology at the service of those who need it. 


In 2020

Online shopping or e-commerce has significantly increased sales margins. This phenomenon is mainly a consequence of the COVID-19 health crisis.

However, this situation is not the result of a particular context, but is part of an evolutionary process in which immediacy and ease of consumption have become the maxims of the economy. 

For this reason, it is essential that merchants or entrepreneurs in the sector update their business model and start implementing new technologies.

Sector Solutions


Clothing and footwear

Local stores

Shoe store



Hardware stores


Car dealerships

Training schools


Consultancy specialized in mobile and web development strategies, APP, Websites...

Together we will take your organization to the next level!

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