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The transformation of the economic model of cooperatives is a necessity that has accelerated today. Indeed, the traditional forms of interaction with members have become obsolete and unprofitable. Faced with this situation, EBS has spent years building alternatives capable of satisfying all areas of this type of entity.

We invite you to discover our solutions.

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Non-profit organizations


Today, an Employees' Fund is a non-profit, private law partnership, composed primarily of salaried workers, in which the partners are both contributors and managers of the enterprise, created to serve the needs of its partners and the community at large. This form of association is specific to Colombia.

The employee funds are organizations with their own needs. This form of association, while a virtue, also presents significant challenges.

That's why, at EBS, we've been working for years to better understand the challenges faced by this sector of the economy.


Today, we have several solutions that are 100% guaranteed. 

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Mutuals associations

Mutuals associations are in themselves a driving force in the economy. They are non-profit organizations, freely constituted by a group of people to help each other in the face of possible risks or to provide services in exchange for a periodic contribution. These associations are very present in Latin America. In the face of the current crisis, the solidarity model is a real solution, as it not only allows to organize and promote development among peers, but also to provide advanced techniques and procedures.

Our mission is to help you so that together we can take your business to the next level.


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